Translate WordPress to Malayalam


Malayalam fonts transition over the period from ASCII to UNICODE has finally taken on recognizing the language all over the Internet. Much of the credit lies with the Free and Open source communities for their efforts.

Over the years, the influence of other languages somehow found its way into our day-to-day life to such an extent that our native language fades in many sectors, especially in computing.

As more and more Malayalam blogs and thoughts being published using WordPress, people are looking for ways to express, and adapt their native language into the sphere of WordPress.

WordPress Kerala communities aim is to make WordPress available in languages other than English and to encourage native Malayalam speakers to volunteer, contribute and help make WordPress part of our vocabulary.

Why translate WordPress?
WordPress is a free software. It could act as a platform to bridge a gap between tech savvy to those who don’t speak English, or someone who just prefers their native language.

What do I need to know?
Skills you need to know are fluency in both English and Malayalam. The key is to translate organically and not to structure each word or string as it is.

Getting started – contributing:
1) Log in to the Malayalam translation website: and select any set/subproject that grabs your attention and translate.

2) After you make your suggested translated strings, a translation editor will then accept or reject these suggestion.

More info :
Translator’s Handbook:
Translation Team:

Global Translation Day


Excited, and happy to take part in co-organizing Global Translation Day. April 24th, it’s a day which marks a 24-hour translation sprint all over the globe, starting from the East and ends in most Western parts of the world. The idea is to get people involved in translating WordPress in their local language.


Being part of the WordPress Kochi community, we have been working towards the goal of bringing WordPress part of our Malayalam vocabulary. We are very glad on how things turned up, and the tremendous amount of participation, and contribution from Kochi WordPress lovers.